Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Name Is Will *Winners*

Catullus Hatshepsut Jane Austen Queen Elizabeth

What do all of these historical figures have in common?

Someone that reads I Heart Monster would like to have their life intersect with theirs... how fun?

I promised to reveal who I would like to have my life intersect with when I announced the winners, so here goes.

If my life could parallel and ultimately intersect with any one historical figure, I think I would want it to be that of Charles Darwin. I find his work fascinating and would love to someday be able to really grasp it first hand by traveling to the Galapagos and witnessing some of the things that he wrote about. His work was truly groundbreaking. Now, I am a religious girl, so don't find your pitchforks and throw them at me! I am also a Creationist, but I also subscribe to a lot of Darwin's theories... so maybe I'm an evolutionary mutt.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

The winners are:

Catherine Haines
emily l

The winners have been emailed.

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