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Head Bonkage and *WINNER* Prada & Prejudice

In order to be entered into this contest, you needed to leave a single year that you would want to go to if you bonked your head and were sent to another time. Here are the entries in chronological order. Highlighted names link out to the entrant's blog! A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered, I thoroughly enjoyed reading what you would want to happen during your head bonkage!

7991 BC Paradox: to find out if Atlantis actually existed because I am obsessed with Atlantis. According to the myths, Atlantis fell about 10,000 years ago. I'd like to know the truth, and even if it doesn't exist I would see things that have been lost to time!

1606 Llehn:
I am a big Shakespeare fan and that is the year he wrote some of his best plays ever! It would be great to be a part of such an exciting time!

1692 Kate Bourne: I picked this year because of the Salem Witch Trials. I think it would be interesting to see how all that went down. I would hope that I could go back and stop some of the madness.

1796 austenfan: I want to know how serious Jane Austen and Thomas Lefroy's flirtation was back then.

1800 Katie: If I got bonked on the head I would want to go back to 1800 because I love anything historical and I think it would be fun to live when Jane Austen did.

1832 emily l: France

1895 Erica:
I'd want to go back to 1895 in England because that's the era were you still have the balls and all that sort of stuff, back before so many things in life got so complicated. Also you're starting to get minimal electricity. Plus in that time, while there were expectations for girls, they were so different from today's.

1900 Melanie:
It must have been so exciting, seeing the turn of a new century. So many advances were being made!

1912 Sheila:
year of the Titanic

1920 readinrobin: I love the era of the 20's and 30's, the music, the clothes, and I'd love to live through the 30's and 40's when all the best movies were being made (Bringing Up Baby!). Even though I love Jane Austen, I don't now that I'd do well in her time. I need at least some modern conveniences!

A year in the same place where I live? I'd have to say 1920. But if I can be anywhere, I'd have to say 1812 in England like in the book.

1930 Sara:
I would want to go back to 1930 because my grandmother would have been in her 20s then and I would love to have known her then. She died when I was young, but she loved books just like I did and I've heard some pretty interesting stories about her life and personality - I sometimes wonder about what she was like at my age.

1945 Celi.a:
Because I think I'd fit in well in the 1950s and WWII has just ended - imagine the euphoria!

1950 Park Avenue Princess: I love the fashion and even the shoes! It's just something I'd like to see!

1958 Dragonfly Book Reviews: So much glamour and dancing. Time of rock 'n' roll. And both World Wars would be over.

1960 I Heart Book Gossip: I would love going back to 1960, its when everything happened and it would have been great to witness it with my own eyes.

TigerLily: I've been daydreaming about what were life like in the 60s especially at the beginning of the era. I'm in love with 60s vintage and I wanna see Twiggy, I wanna wear the high hair style and I wanna shop at Biba in the swinging London ^o^

1969 Raelena Pavey: because the music was great back then and I would have gone to woodstock

1972 melancan: Not only do I think the 70's would have been a lot of fun (just check out the clothes!) but I would also love to get to know my parents back when I was born. What were they like? What did they do for fun? I'm sure I haven't heard the half of what they got up to.

1973 Kate:
I would choose 1973 so I could see my parents when they were younger and get to know my other grandad (who died before I was born).

1976 Beth: to celebrate the bicentennial! That would be fun!

1988 Sue:
I'd love to go back to 1988 and do college all over again. So many things I would do differently!!

1992 Korianne: I would like to be "bonked" back to 1992. This was when my life was peaceful, I was 3 and without sister! While I would probably still ask Mom to have a baby sister I would like to enjoy my life as an only child for a while. I love Kendall, but man she's a handful.

1995 Megan:
I am going with Korriane I want to go back to the time when I was a only child and tell my mom not to have a second child. So this would be 1995 when I was born. And tell my my mom before 1998 not to have my evil little brother.

1999 Deltay:
Because then it would be right before 2000, and I'd have a better understanding of the importance of a new MILLENIUM and do something more significant.

2002 Sab H.:
Because it was the year I graduated High School (Yep I'm old huh?) and basically the best year of my life, and I do remember but not quite every day like I would like to. {psst... you're not as old as I Heart Monster!! she graduated in 1999. Oh hey... who typed that?}

2003 Hailey: that year me and my friends went on mission trip! I had a blast and would not at ALL mind re-living that.

2004 Kayla D:
Two-thousand and four is the year I believe I started high school and is where I would like to go. I won't lie and say that it's the year hell broke loose, because that happened a long time ago. If I had followed all the advice I put in my image, I would have done better. Can do all of it now though. No regrets. No excuses.

2005 Ninja Fanpire:
So I could change things in high school.

2012 McCall:
I would like to be dropped into that year because that is my senior year and I want to see how well I've made it through high school.

2017 Diana Dang:
I'll be 25 at the time and I wonder what my life will be then

2020 Allie:
I'm always curious about the future, and I have the sneaking suspicion that middle adulthood is going to be really good for me. I'd like to get a peak.

2024 adriennelizbth08:
becaause I would be 30 and it would be interesting to know how my life is then.

2028 Rachel:
not to far off but enough were there could possibly be huge changes.

2030 Alex: I'd go to the future, to say, 2030. I'd like to see where civilization has gotten to in 21 years. Plus, I could see where I myself would be in 2030. D: Scary thought. I can't imagine myself so old. Nonetheless, it would be very interesting to travel to 2030, so that's where I'd like to go.

2045 bbx: I choose 2045 cos then I get to see what happened to me, how many kids I have, what their names are and what they're up to. Plus, seeing the latest gadgets would be super cool too!

5000 bridget3420: I would like to see how much has changed. This world is a lot different than it was even in the 1900's. I can't imagine what it will be like in almost 3000 years. It would be interesting to see.

Out of 191 total entries, the winner is Katie! Congrats Katie! I've emailed you, please get back to me within 48 hours!

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