Monday, August 24, 2009

Bookshelf Quest: My Lame First Attempt at a Vlog

So... this is the first attempt from me at a vlog, not the last, I assure you (and that may not be comforting after you watch it) but I am sharing with you my quest at the auction to obtain another bookshelf.

Chickie and I have plans for this bookshelf. We are going to paint it white and put it in the spare bedroom. I'll be sure to share some pics when it is done. Chickie makes a quick appearance in the vlog, and did some of the video shots too - make sure to leave her a note about how wonderful she is!

I learned a lot from this experience, and am hoping to go into the next vlog with some know-how that will make it a lot better than this one.

I mention The Hollow by Jessica Verday in this blog and am sporting an awesome R.U.H.2? t-shirt throughout... just so you know, The Hollow drops on September 1st, and from what I hear is definitely preorder worthy. Read the first chapter and find out for yourself... you can also check out my Ambitious Edition post for Jessica's debut.

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