Sunday, August 16, 2009

Book Inspection: Oh. My'. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs

Plot Sketch: Phoebe is a runner. She's got it all planned out too. She's going to train her heart out, get that cross-country scholarship to USC that she's up for, and spend her college years with her two best friends in the whole entire world, Cesca and Nola. As the finish line for the last race at USC's running camp comes into view, she sees her best friends and her mom. Hey, wait, her mom isn't supposed to be home for another few days... and who is that with her? As soon as she's given her mom a hug, and talked to the x-country coach, she goes back over to see her mom and is introduced to her new fiance. FIANCE! And then she's told she's moving to some island in the middle of nowhere Greece, which throws a wrench into everything. This is the story about Phoebe, her quest to keep her USC scholarship through running at a new school that is controlled by the Greek gods (!) in Greece, and the dynamics of a not-so-normal family.

Verdict: I Heart It. I really flew through this one, and really loved the way Childs' style flowed. I like the way she structured the school cliques and the drama in Phoebe's life. Overall, I would definitely recommend this for a quick, fun, light read. The only criticism I had was with some of the athletic stuff... but in the end, that doesn't even matter.

The Gauntlet:

At what location does most of the story take place?
Serfopoula, Greece

What is the main character's name?

Does I Heart Monster like the main character?
Yeah, I do. I was a student athlete and related well to the book...

How long did it take I Heart Monster to finish the book?
a few hours

Did I Heart Monster get stuck at any points in the book? If so, why?

Is this a good read for Monster?
I've been debating... he might like it 'cause he ran cross-country and has an interest in Greek gods, but I'm not totally sure yet.

What, if anything, would I Heart Monster change to make the book more interesting?
I would have liked more description of the cross-country course that she was running.

What was I Heart Monster's favorite line?
"She told my mother that her son would find his matchin a daughter of victory." CUTE!

How many chapters were in the book?


Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Speak
Publish Date: May 14, 2009
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0142414204

Acquire It:

  • Check out Tera Lynn's website, it's pretty fun.
  • While you're there, take the Goddess Quiz.
  • There are short stories to go in between Oh. My. Gods. and Goddess Bootcamp, the second Phoebe Castro novel.

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