Saturday, July 25, 2009

You're The Expert: TWILIGHT

I had a dream once about vampires. Wait, what am I saying, "once?" I have dreams about vampires all the time. And zombies, and demons, and werewolves, oh and mermaids, and yeah, I have a very vivid subconscious, thankyouverymuch. Sometimes I wonder if I should write down my dreams and turn them into books (hee hee) and whether or not they'd be best sellers (hee hee)

Ok. Now, I'm not trying to start World War III or anything, but I would honestly like to hear from you whether or not you liked/disliked the Twilight series and why. Who was your favorite character? Who could you have lived without? What was your favorite scene? Did you enjoy the writing style? What could have been done better?

Please, no profanity, and no name-calling, let's keep this civilized, mmkay? Oh, and my comments have a 3k character limit, so if you go over that, you'll have to start a new comment. Not that you will, just a forewarning.

I'd love it if you comment with just a "liked" or "disliked" or something even if you don't want to explain it! :o)

You know I heart you (and your opinion!!),

I Heart Monster

Oh and P.S. I saw this little clip over at Wired today from Comicon this week with three of the vamps from the New Moon Movie... thought I'd go ahead and add it to this post for your enjoyment (or hatred) or whatever!

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