Thursday, July 2, 2009

Silver Phoenix *WINNER*

Hey you guys didn't do too bad of a job guessing which shows both Cindy and I watch. Funny part is, even though I said you could catch me on Twitter and persuade me to tell you, only one of you did that! And she got the answer right :o) Easy peasy!

For those of you who found it annoying, sorry, but I wanted to reward those readers who had been reading me a while with an extra entry if they were paying attention.

Ok, here is Cindy's list again:

america's next top model
make me a supermodel
gossip girl
housewives of nyc
project runway
the millionaire matchmaker

The four we have in common are... drumroll...

Gossip Girl
Project Runway

For those of you who guessed Supernatural, there's a story behind why I don't watch it. It could be long or it could be short, but I'll give you the ultra condensed version of it: Nightmares. BAD ones. Ones I wake up and accuse my hubbie of all kinds of weirdness in the middle of the night and make him prove he's not x supernatural character at 3am. I totally wish I could watch it though (I'm just not allowed to!)

Congratulations to Sylvia! She is the winner of Silver Phoenix, signed bookplate, and bookmark. Sylvia, I have emailed you, so please get me your address as soon as possible!

Thank you everyone for entering!!

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