Friday, July 31, 2009

Shareworthy Friday, July 31, 2009 [Volume 1, Edition 16]

Apologies ahead of time for this wimpy shareworthy post... I am seriously behind on my webbiness this week, and don't have a lot to share, but the few things that I do have are pretty cool, I think:

  • City of Bones by Cassandra Clare can be read for free at Living Social, if you have an account there, or a Facebook account. (I have not read this yet, but the hardcover is sitting on my shelf... waiting)
  • Article at Wired about the Top Ten Geeky Things You Didn't Know About Romance Writers, made me laugh.
  • If you haven't noticed, I do not to Mailbox Mondays or In My Mailbox posts... instead, I prefer to announce what I receive via Twitter on the day I receive it. Follow me on Twitter to see what I get in the mail, and to see a sampling of my random thoughts and snipits of my life.
Poll Results
  • 73% of you said you'd rather see me post things randomly, or as they come along.
  • According to those of you who commented on that post, you'd rather see a mix.
  • So, I am going to hybridize my style:
  1. Tuesdays will either bring you Create A Soundtrack, or Storybuilders, on a bi-weekly basis. Both are participation essential features, that I would love to see more participation in. If you have any suggestions on how I could get YOU to participate in them, please leave it in the comments section, or drop me an email. (I love feedback, and won't get defensive, I promise)
  2. Fridays will bring Shareworthy. I think that this is a good day for this feature, and want to continue it here.
  3. Saturdays will bring You're The Expert, where you tune in to share your views with us. This post is meant to become a discussion topic, where you leave your views on a certain subject so that you can give us all a little tidbit from your perspective. I LOVE reading your comments on YTE because it broadens my horizons. Even if you don't comment (which I do encourage you to do - COMMENT! :op) come over and read what others have to say.
  4. Ambitious Edition, Minimal Investment, Operative Factors, Our Terms, and Book Inspections will be published at random, as I run across good content to share with you. I feel like sometimes I am stretching to give you a post on a certain day for a certain feature, and you are not getting the best you could be getting.
  5. If you have any feedback on this structure, I would love, love, love to hear it. It is, I think, a good blend of what you guys want to see. If it's not, tell me! I'll keep tweaking.
Thank you for taking the time to participate in my poll, and for helping me build the best blog I can. I really appreciate your help!

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