Friday, July 10, 2009

Shareworthy Friday, July 10, 2009 [Volume 1, Edition 13]

I read last week's post and thought it might have been a little confuzzing. So, my plan this week is to try out sections. Let me know what you think about the new format, if it makes it easier or not. Anyway, cool stuff I found around the web and blogosphere, cool enough I deem it Shareworthy:

  • Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters is shipping to a store near you. She's having an AWESOME first sightings contest (which you really should enter) in fact, your bookstore probably has the book, just has it in the back, so if you can turn on your charm and get them to sell you a copy before they put it out on shelves, you might just win one of Michelle's awesome prize packs!
  • The Page Flipper and Jennifer Banash are having a really cool giveaway for a $35 gift card to Free People, Gossip Girl (season 2 preorder), Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott, Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott, a totally stylish bamboo address book, and Bookmarks to celebrate the release of Jennifer's third book in the Elite series, Simply Irresistable. Head over and enter!
  • Megan Crewe is having a giveaway for a signed advance copy of GIVE UP THE GHOST, all five ghost scent samples,, a GIVE UP THE GHOST tote bag (the words on the side say, “I have friends… You just wouldn’t believe they exist.”), a 10″ LED paper lantern (bulb included)–it’ll look something like this when it’s open (from the book: Get [Paige] interested, though, and she brightened up like a Chinese lantern.), a friendship bracelet (from the book: I’d kept thinking of Danielle as my real best friend. We had the extra four years between us, that back history of friendship bracelets and sleepovers and secret sharing.), aA sticker set featuring the main characters of the novel, a GIVE UP THE GHOST bookmark, and a GIVE UP THE GHOST button. There are a gazillion ways to enter this super cool drawing, including taking a quiz to see which character you are (I'm Paige), so head over and enter today.
  • Mrs. Magoo Reads is giving away 5 copies of Suite Scarlett, but not until 50 different people enter the contest. So, head over and enter today already!
  • Write For A Reader has a Ballads of Suburbia Blitz preorder contest going on. All you have to do to enter is preorder Ballads of Suburbia and email the receipt to Shelly. There is a whole gaggle of prizes for you to win if you are the lucky person, including a paperback of choice from yours truly. Head over to Amazon and preorder Ballads today, I mean, it's less than $10 folks!
  • Sex in Teen Lit Month contest over at Ink and Paper Specials for 2 copies of Extreme Kissing by Luisa Plaja. If you want to win, you've got to tell her "your opinion the influence of teenage magazines today, especially in regards to sex."
  • Also, don't forget about Show Your Pandemonium right here at I Heart Monster!!
  • AND, don't forget to enter my Hachette giveaways for audiobooks: The Juror, The Bourne Deception, and Swimsuit as they all end tonight. I've also got one up for the book My Name Is Will.
  • As always, I bow to the contest expert, Queen Laina. Check out her blog specifically devoted to book contests where you can find all sorts of fun contests and links.
  • If you were paying attention this week, you will have seen that I was challenged by Ella to a whole slew of things and that I accepted. I will be vlogging some stuff this week about the Hills and potentially Nicholas Cage and High School Musical. You'll also be excited to know that I ordered Reba's Greatest Hits (OMG) and that it arrived today, so I will be listening to that as soon as I can get my head around it.
  • Update: Everything Austen (#everythingausten Twitter hashtag) I have watched the Kiera Knightley version of P&P and will hopefully be vlogging about it with my gramma this week. Also, I have started listening to Austenland by Shannon Hale and I really like it so far.
  • Update: Sookie Stackhouse (#SookieSRC Twitter hashtag) I downloaded Dead Until Dark and will start listening at some point, just not sure when.
  • Update: A Shakespearean Summer - just about to start the Tempest, reading aloud to my kittehs. They really do like to hear Shakespeare. They all gather around for it. Weird.
  • Got Gravatar? I know I've posted about this before, but so many of you don't have one, and it's so easy. You know when you're in comments and people have that little icon that shows up next to their name and its the same on all the sites they visit? That's a gravatar. They're free and take about 2 minutes to sign up for. I Heart Monster uses them both in practice and on my site! Don't have one yet? Go! Get one!
  • Over on PsyBlog, there's a very interesting article titled, "Are Your Inititals Holding You Back?" I found it very interesting and thought I would share with you!
  • My entry for Write For A Reader & Reverie Book Reviews Eyes Like Stars Extravaganza is up over on my personal blog, Two Weeks Time. Laugh away friends :o) It's awfully nerdy.
Around I Heart Monster:
  • IHM has been a little lean on the book reviews, wait, what, you noticed? I've been having problems getting through a couple of the books I've started, and therefore, have no reviews to offer you. Hopefully though I'll still get one in this week, fingers crossed.
  • Storybuilders with Lisa Mantchev's Bertie from Eyes Like Stars is still healthily underway. Go add your line to the story now!

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