Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ella, I Accept Your Challenge

You sneaky little trixy false hobbit!! I accept your challenge. Keep your eyes out ladies and gents... I have to go fangirly?!? ohhhhhhhhkay. (you're lucky i still heart you too!)

Ella's Original Post:
Just cause I want to ;) Darling, you fell right into my trap! :oP But I still heart you.

Shesten, I dare you to accept this challenge. I dare you to complete at least 5 of the 8 items on the list below (though I triple dog dare you to tackle them all!).

1. Watch five episodes of The Hills/The City/Laguna Beach (your choice) and blog about them. The post has to be at least 5 sentences long. (see how nice I was here, making you watch only 5 episodes instead of the whole season?).
2. Write a letter to Nicholas Cage declaring your undying love to him. Blog it.
3. Watch the Hannah Montana Movie and write a fangirly review about it (a lot of "likes", "Ums", "OMGs", and anything of the sort need to be present).
4. Write a blog post about how Peyton is waay cooler than Brooke (OTH, for those of you who don't know, and know I've nothing against B. Davies). Has to be at least 10 sentences long.
5. Write a post about how much you love Taylor Lautner, and take a pic of a part of your body (You choose, again, see how nice I'm being?) where we can see a "Team Jacob" tatoo (you can paint it, or get a temporal tatoo). The post has to be at least 10 sentences long. I encourage you to put "OMGs" and "will you marry me?'s" in the post.
6. Listen to a Reba McEntyre CD (the whole CD at once, not one song today, the other tomorrow) and vlog it to prove it.
7. Watch all three HSM movies and blog about them.
8. Read 5 books by Isabel Allende. (If you've already read any, those don't count). Blog about it.

This challenge must be completed in 6 months.

If you fail in this challenge you must record yourself lip-singing a Jonas Bros/Hannah Montana song, and upload the vlog to your blog! Dancing is a MUST.

But if you succeed then I will vlog about whatever you want.

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