Monday, July 20, 2009

Book Tour & Mini Inspection: Ravens by George Dawes Green

Plot Sketch: *I did not finish this book* The Boatwrights always play the lottery, but they, like most other people do not win. Shaw & Romeo are on their way to Trinidad to make money a different way than in their dead end tech support jobs in Ohio. On their way to Florida, the go through the Boatwrights' town and happen to overhear that the winning lottery ticket for the $318MM jackpot was sold in the store they had stopped to fill up at. The Boatwrights are the ones that won, but they made a family pact not to tell anyone that they won. Jase, the youngest, breaks that pact and tells his best friend, who tells the whole world. Tara, the college-aged Boatwright, quits her job at the bank with a bang and heads home. She tells her gramma, Nell, and that's all. After doing some research, Shaw finds out that it was the Boatwrights that won and concocts a scheme to infiltrate their winnings. Romeo will kill someone important to the Boatwrights if they don't go along with Shaw's scheme, so they start to.

Verdict: No Love. Now, the plot was good for the 100 pages that I did read of this book. However, I chose to stop reading because of all of the profanity in it. I realize that the profanity probably made it more authentic, but I didn't feel like it was something that I wanted to pursue. I am not a fan of the "f-word," and didn't enjoy all of the times that I had to read it in the first 100 pages. The plot is good and thick and twisty, and if you don't mind the swearing, you will probably enjoy it a lot. But unfortunately for me, I couldn't get past it and move on.

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