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I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You by Ally Carter [Book Inspection]

Plot Sketch: The Gallagher Academy looks like a snobby boarding school for rich girls, but looks can be deceiving, especially if you want them to be. Every girl who goes to Gallagher is exceptional, they have to be, because Gallagher Girls are spies in training who speak like, 14 different languages on demand. Not only are most influential American women graduates of The Gallagher Academy (think Amelia Earhart), its graduates hold a lot of patents for things you wouldn't want to live without, like Velcro. Cameron Morgan, Cammie for short, attends as a legacy, and her mother is the headmistress there. Since her mother is the headmistress, Cammie has had a lot of time to roam the halls and find all kinds of secret passageways and nooks and crannies and useful schematics. She has two BFFs, Liz & Bex. Enter Macey McHenry, yes, she's one of those McHenrys, and yes, she has the attitude to prove it. Macey is assigned to live with Bex, Liz, and Cammie since they had an extra bed in their suite. Macey ends up coming in handy since she's the only one of the four with practical guy experience because on a CovertOps Class assignment in town one night, Cammie runs into a really. cute. boy. His name is Josh and he flirts with Cammie. Pick up the book to learn more about this most unusual romance.

Verdict: I Heart It! Picture me with the book open. *Turn the page* *Laugh* *Giggle* *ROFL* *Turn the page* *Giggle* *Turn the page* Get the idea? Ally Carter did an amazing job of keeping this book fun and light and still spy-like. I love that it goes into other areas of spydom such as spy support, etc. This is the first book in the Gallagher Girls series, and there are currently 2 more available after this one. I will definitely be reading them both (and quickly I hope!)

The Gauntlet:

At what location does most of the story take place?
The Gallagher Academy, and Roseville, Virginia

What is the main character's name?
Cammie Morgan

Does I Heart Monster like the main character?
Love her.

How long did it take I Heart Monster to finish the book?
Like For. Ev. Er. I tried to read along with the Epic Rat's Gallagher Girls Book Club, but I kept falling behind because I didn't want to get ahead. It was so hard for me to read one chapter four times a week that I just gave up. When I picked it back up, I flew through the remaining chapters, and LOVED them.

Did I Heart Monster get stuck at any points in the book? If so, why?
I forcibly made myself get stuck so that I didn't get ahead for the group discussions, but after I quit worrying about that, there was no getting stuck.

Is this a good read for Monster?
Monster wouldn't like this one. Some guys might, but I'd not recommend it to the vast majority of the male gender.

What, if anything, would I Heart Monster change to make the book more interesting?
It was plenty interesting. I actually didn't predict a few of the plot twists too, which is always a plus!

What was I Heart Monster's favorite line?
One? Just one? Can't do it.

"So, is this an inside joke thing or a your-mom-made-you-buy-it thing?"

So those are normal parents.

A cold front blew in that night--in a lot of ways.

How many chapters were in the book?


Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
Publish Date: March 20, 2007
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1423100042

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  • This book has been optioned by Disney for feature film rights. (per the back cover)
  • The Fun section on Ally's website has some videos of Ally, an iTunes playlist, and even a quiz to see if you could get into Gallagher Academy (which I guess I would IF they were taking apps)

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