Friday, June 19, 2009

You're The Expert: Reading With Animals

So last week when I was still at home, I was chilling out on the couch and I was trying to read, but one of my cats, Wynk, wouldn't let me. She kept laying on my book and demanding attention, so that prompted a curiosity...

What I Heart Monster wants to know:

Do you have a beloved pet that ever tries to keep you from reading?
If so, what do you do to get them to leave you alone?
What kind of pet is it?
What is the pet's name?
Tell us a story about reading with your pet?

(4/5 of my kitties are pictured above... gray glow eyes is Munchie, white and black is Snapdragyn, gray black stripeys is Larkspyr and the white and gray one is Wynk)

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