Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Storybuilders: Lily The Frog Girl, & Edition 2

Lily The Frog Girl

Lily ran across campus screaming, "I hate my life! I hate my life!" She ran and ran until she bumped into her best friend, Caleb.

He squinted at her through his early morning coffee-less stupor, and said yawning "Woah, Lily, easy. It's only 8 in the morning."

"I don't care if it's 2 in the morning, Caleb." She pounded a fist on his chest. "I need to talk to you, now. Remember that thing I told you might happen? Well," she flicked back the bed clothes to reveal two bright green legs and Caleb's jaw dropped.

"Whoa!" he said, "You've turned into a frog girl! How? Who?" But before he could say another word Lily's long pink tongue snaked out to catch a fly next to his ear. He took a moment to furiously scratch the itchy bite before thanking her. "Wait a second... I thought you were running across campus- how did we end up in bed together?" Caleb asked.

"It's part of being a frogette," she replied, "we can alter space and time."

Caleb just stared at her, blinking. "You can alter... What the hell happened to you?!"

"My biology professor cast a spell on me because I failed the terminology quiz. The only way I can be cured is to go to the top of Mount Kanitiwachu and get the fire flower, but it has been wiped out by developers building a huge water theme park! What am I going to do?"

Caleb grinned. "Don't you think a water theme park would be ideal for you, given your... situation?"

"You are so not funny!" Lily said, smiling slightly and hitting him softly on the shoulder.

"Sure I am," Caleb said. But as he said this, he was wondering how he could come up with the money to get him and Lily to Mount Kanitiwachu, and if he needed to bring a jar of flies for her to eat on the way. "Lily," he asked, "are you sure you want to do this? this would be an adventure for us, are you sure?"

"AM I SURE??? Are you nuts??" Her face turning purple with rage, Lily leaped out of bed, shrieking incoherently in something that sounded like Farsi. Suddenly, the room around them flickered, and in its place, Lily saw Mount Kanitiwachu come into focus. She turned to Caleb and said, "Oh, I forgot about the space and time altering thing. This may be easier than we thought."

The End.

Thank you to notnessie, Ella, Aerin, Storyheart, Insert Book Title, Shelly, Laina, xtalcase, Jo, Jennie Lou, and vikkijam for participating!


Now, it's time for a new story!!!

Don't forget the premise... I'll start a story with one or two sentences. Then you, my lovely readers, come here and add on to the story in the comments section. Then each week, I'll post the last week's story and give you a new start.

The rules:

1. Each person can only add sentence.
2. You may not post two consecutive entries (otherwise it wouldn't be wiki-ish)
3. Let's try to keep it PG.
4. You can designate new paragraphs and time pauses if you want to.

This week's start:

Aaron got out of bed and went downstairs. His stomach was growling like it usually did when he woke up in the mornings, so he...

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