Monday, June 1, 2009

Operative Factors:

So, I was chatting with some of you on twitter the other day and the topic of came up and I was a little surprised that a lot of you didn't know about it.  I guess I've been doing audible for years now, so I thought everyone was doing it.  Ha.  Shows what I know.

Audible is a place to purchase audiobook downloads.  You don't get CDs in the mail, but you can burn your own pretty quickly after you download your story.  You can stream it online whereever you are.  There is a Blackberry App so that you can download it and transfer it to your BlackBerry.  You can download it and put it on your compatible .mp3 player.  It's super easy and super great, and I've been in love with it since like 2005.  Everything you purchase stays in your Library and is accessible to you for redownload if necessary.  

You can purchase audiobooks as a nonmember for their shelf rates.  OR, you can buy a plan where you pay a monthly fee and get credits.  I choose to do the 2 credits/month plan (AudibleListner Platinum) for $22.95/month.  I get 2 audiobooks that would normall cost me at least $30 for the price in the form of credits.  Especially large/long volumes incur extra credits, like Twilight and Eragon.

There are other plans available too - credits to purchase annually instead of monthly, as well as a plan for one credit per month.  

I'm a big proponent of Librivox for free audiobooks, but when the book you want to hear isn't in the public domain, I turn to Audible.  Oh, and Audible is now a subsidiary of  

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