Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Feline Reading Buddies

Something you probably know about me if you've read my bio on this site or if you follow me on Twitter, or if you IM me at all, is that I have 5 cats. Yes, 5! They're pretty much my kids right now, so they're pampered little princesses. I thought I'd show them to you and tell you a little about each one since they're my reading buddies.

Larkspyr Beth
Age: 4
Nickname: Spyrrie
Birthday: June 17
Favorite TV Show: Gossip Girl (she never misses an episode!)
Favorite Book: She's a Morganville Vamps fan
Favorite Toy: straws
Temptation: Clawing furniture

Wysteria Wynk
Age: 4
Nickname: Wynkie
Birthday: June 17
Favorite TV Show: Chuck
Favorite Book: anything I'm reading that she can sit on
Favorite toy: furry mice
Temptation: smothering me in the middle of the night

Sweetpea Marie
Age: 4
Nickname: P
Birthday: June 17
Favorite TV Show: she hates TV
Favorite Book: she likes Jane Austen
Favorite toy: hair ties
Temptation: taking a shower (she loves water!)

Snapdragyn Anne
Age: 6
Nickname: Snappy (and her rapper name is Snap Diddy)
Birthday: May 10
Favorite TV Show: It was the Unit, but I don't know what she'll watch now
Favorite Book: She really liked Eragon
Favorite toy: feather wand
Temptation: going in the attic (naughty!)

Hyacynth Munchkin
Age: 2
Nickname: Munchie
Birthday: May 31
Favorite TV Show: Bones
Favorite Book: Eyes Like Stars (she really wanted to catch those fairies)
Favorite toy: marbles (which she plays fetch with)
Temptation: scratching the door frames

Hope you enjoyed this random post about my reading buddies!

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Courtney Allison Moulton said...

OMG Love them!! Their names are like My Little Pony names! So cute!!