Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Storybuilders Time!

Welcome to a new weekly feature here at I Heart Monster, Storybuilders. The idea of this post is to get you involved and to get your creative juices flowing! Participation is a MUST for this to work.

I'll start a story with one or two sentences. Then you, my lovely readers, come here and add on to the story in the comments section. Sound fun? I think it does :o) Each week, I'll post the last week's story and give you a new start.

The rules:

1. Each person can only add one sentence.
2. You may not post two consecutive entries (otherwise it wouldn't be wiki-ish)
3. Let's try to keep it PG.
4. You can designate new paragraphs and time pauses if you want to.

This week's start:

Lily ran across campus screaming, "I hate my life! I hate my life!" She ran and ran until she bumped into...

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