Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Genre Irrelevant: A Summer Photo Contest With Books

Are you heading somewhere fun this summer (winter in the southern hemisphere) for vacation?

Are you having a staycation instead?

To me, it doesn't matter, I still want pictures of you reading a book... so I'm conducting a contest!

I asked you what you thought about a fun summer feature before, and I got some feedback. I've taken my original idea and tweaked it, with your help.

Basically, you will submit a photo to a category. You may submit one photo to each category, so choose your photo wisely. Each week, I will post the received photos in a post so that you can see what has happened with your fellow readers. At the end of the contest, I will hold a vote for the winner of each category. The best part is that the genre is irrelevant! You pick the book, you pick the place. Remember you can only enter once in each category.

And now, the categories:

Roadtripper: Take a photo of yourself or someone you love reading a book at a stop along your domestic roadtrip (can be any country's domestic, so if you're roadtripping in the UK, submit it from a UK roadtrip destination)or it can be yourself in the car, being creative with the photography.

Staycation: Take a photo of yourself or someone you love reading a book at some fun place you're visiting in your city/metro area, not more than 2 hours away from home.

My Boring Life: Not going anywhere exciting? Stage the silliest, funniest, most interesting photo of you or someone you love reading at home.

Jetsetter: Take a picture of yourselfor someone you love reading somewhere that you had to take an airplane to visit. Better make it superawesome!

There will be a bonus prize awarded by me for picture with best composition overall. That prize is still TBD, but I hope it'll be something fabulous!!

Contest ends September 10, 2009. OPEN WORLDWIDE.

Submission Guidelines:

Attach the photo, or the URL of the photo if it's hosted somewhere, in an email and include: Your name or the name of the person you love as you want it published next to your photo, your hometown and country (state/province if applicable too), the category you're submitting to, and the title and author of the book you're reading in the photo.

The contest begins now, and I will post the first batch of photos a week from Tuesday (provided anyone sends one in!)

Please promote this on your own blogs, and if you'd like to contribute a prize, please contact me, and let me know which category you'd like your prize to sponsor.

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