Monday, June 29, 2009

Audiobook Inspection: BoneMan's Daughters

Size: 9 CDs (Hachette Audio CDs)
Length: 10 hours, 26 minutes
Author: Ted Dekker
Narrator: Robert Petkoff

Plot Sketch: Ryan Evans has basically abandoned his family to serve his country in Iraq. As a Navy Intelligence Officer working for the Army, his job is to siphon intelligence and determine what is credible and what is not. Ryan sees the whole picture. On a routine jaunt into the field, Ryan's convoy is attacked and Ryan, the only survivor, is taken captive. On the home front, a convicted serial killer deemed BoneMan by a local paper, has been released due to a screw-up in the evidence. The man convicted as BoneMan is released, and immediately, a kidnapping happens again, this time, it's Ryan's adopted daughter, Bethany. Because of his torture in the desert and the circumstances under which he was tortured, Ryan becomes the prime suspect for his daughter's kidnapping.

Plot Verdict: I Heart It, but barely. It was a good story, but was very redundant and had a lot of loose ends that were not tied up. Monster and I believe that Dekker was trying to reach a word count because there are entire scenes that go nowhere and add nothing to the story. Ultimately, though most of the story is predictable, it is still a good story and definitely worth the time to listen. Be prepared to shake your head at law enforcement, nod along with Ryan Evans, and voice your opinion even though you know no one can hear you.

Narration Verdict: I Heart It. Robert Petkoff did an awesome job of oral interp in this audiobook. His narration is what kept us listening to the story through the parts that we did not like, and what ultimately brought us back after we had paused our listening for a couple of days. Petkoff did an amazing job and I'd love to hear more of the audiobooks that he will narrate in the future. Bravo, Robert Petkoff.

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