Monday, June 1, 2009

An ACME Suggestion Box And *WINNER!* of Mating Rituals of the North American WASP

So, Peggy walks into ACME Cleaning Supply, the shop she owns with Bex, and decides that she needs to get her mind off of Luke and Brock. To do so, she decides that she'll start sorting through the suggestion box that I Heart Monster sent over full of her readers favorite bath products...

"Oh I guess I'd better get this over with. I don't know why I Heart Monster thought that I'd need suggestions, but whatever."

*takes the lid off of the crimson box full of suggestion slips*

"So Kitten22 wants me to carry Lush Bath Bombs. Well, since Bath is moving in across the street, I'll pass this suggestion along to them."

*sets the slip in the no pile*

"Ladytink suggests homemade bath fizzies from shops on Etsy. I guess I could jump online and take a look if any of them do wholesale."

*sets the slip in the maybe pile*

"lovinfitch wants fizzy balls. We already have fizzy balls."

*crumples up slip and throws in wastebasket*

"Rabid Fox wants soap. Soap?!? We have mounds of that."

*crumples up slip and throws it away*

"Ashley M wants body wash."

*crumples up and throws away*

"Cinnamon wants Bath & Bodyworks Enchanted Orchid Body Lotion."


"Then go to Bath & Body Works."

*tosses slip in wastebasket with others*

"Max Brown wants vanilla lotion. We already carry four kinds!"

*throws away*

"Becky needs hypo-allergenic everything. I guess I could look into that."

*puts slip in yes pile*

*grabs no pile and throws in wastebasket*

"Well, I guess I had better get to work on finding hypo-allergenic products. I'll just toss these other slips into the wastebasket to make it easier for IHM to draw a winner."

*walks to computer*

*opens email*

*begins to type*

Hey I Heart Monster...

Your readers like a lot of the stuff we already carry here at ACME. I will take a look into the hypo-allergenic stuff if we renew our lease. Thank you for sending these to me. I hope whoever wins likes me in Lauren's book.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

*padunk goes the BlackBerry*

*I Heart Monster walks over to her laptop*

"Oh! It's a message from Peggy."

*hits reply*
*begins to type*

Oh and Peggy, I thought you might want to know that roylsue is our winner. She just has to send me an email with her mailing address within 48 hours to claim her prize. I'm sure she'll love your character, I mean, who wouldn't? Funnily enough, I'm taking a trip to Bath & Body Works this week with one of my friends, so these favorite bath products have got my mind buzzing about what I'm going to get when I go. I'd come to ACME of course, if it wasn't so far away. I hope sales are good!

You know I heart you,


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