Friday, May 1, 2009

You're The Expert: Hardcover vs Paperback

So tell me:

Do you prefer hardcovers or paperbacks? Why?
Is there a certain genre that you buy one way and others another?
Which do you prefer for travel?
Which do you prefer for lounging?
Do you have a preference because of pricing?

C'mon!  Tell me all about what hardcovers vs. paperbacks means in your life and circumstance.


That's the Book! said...

I definitely prefer paperbacks because they are easier to carry around, no matter where you go. And I find that paperbacks are more comfortable to sit with and read. That's not to say I buy or get hardcover because I do periodically get a hardcover because I really want the book or love the author and cannot wait for the paperback. So price really doesn't factor into the choice.
It should be interesting to see what others have to say about this.

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Insertbooktitle said...

I like paperbacks better for this simple reason...they are cheap. The money I would spend on one hard back could be spent on 2 paper backs.

Guest said...

I like paperbacks better for a lot of reasons. I think they're easier to hold. Hardcovers can get really heavy when you sit with them too long. And, paperbacks are easier to carry because they're usually smaller and can bend a little bit if you need them too. I don't really like mass market paperbacks though, those get hard to hold after awhile too because they don't bend enough. Price too, I rarely buy hardcovers because they are so expensive. That's a big one for me. But, I also get a lot of book used and a lot from the library, so if it's a book I really want I'll take it in whatever form I can get it!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Whoops, that last comment was mine, I didn't realized I needed to sign in!

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