Thursday, May 14, 2009

Win My Copies of the Dead Is... Series by Marlene Perez

A small detail that I left out of my reviews of Marlene Perez's series (on purpose of course!) was that there was a jukebox in Slim's Diner. This jukebox was super special because it only worked when it wanted to, and when it did work, it played what it wanted to. It was known to cut out in the middle of a song and start in on something else. Oh, and it was named Lil.

This became particularly helpful to Daisy when she was in supersleuth mode because the jukebox actually gave her clues. Like when the doppelgangers from the third book would walk in, Lil would play Sugar Sugar, or something else with Sugar in the title. Daisy would pick up on the clues and they would help her solve the mysteries.

So, if you walked in to Slim's, I want to know, what song would Lil play?

To enter the contest, tell us what you hope/want/wish/think Lil would play when you walked into Slim's in Nightshade, California. +2 if you tell us why Lil would choose that song. (for a total of 3 entries)

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Leave all entries in one post and don't forget your email address!

I will use to draw the winner on 6/30. Winner will receive my copy of each of all three books. This contest is open worldwide!

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ShootingStarsMag said...

Let's see...first off, I'm already a follower...

As for what song it would be play...How about "Epic Last Song" by Does it Offend You, Yeah?

As for why...I just love the song and it means a lot to my friends and I and it would be cool to have that final love as well.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

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Kate said...

I was considering putting "Sexbomb" but then I thought I would put a more realistic answer :)

"Take A Look At Me Now" by The Faders
It sums up my attitude. If people expect me to fail, I am so motivated to prove them wrong :)

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Cinnamon said...

I think Lil would play Ghost Town by Shiny Toy Guns - it just says alot about me right now. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a Ghost Town where nobody speaks their own opinions anymore. That's why I love the internet! ;)

This is posted on my sidebar and in my contests post.

I already follow and subscribe!


Jo said...

I would hope it would play The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston. Not just one of my favourite songs, but my song, too. It's just all me, so it would be great to here that walking in to Slim's. (+3)

I have linked to this contest in my Contest section on my right sidebar (+3):

And I already follow you! (+3) :)

Great contest, Shestan! :)

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Kitten22 said...

This looks great! Please enter me!

LOL! I think SexyBack by Justin Timberlake. It just seems to go. :)


Kitten22 said...

I'm already a subscriber (through Google Reader)!


the epic rat said...

If the jukebox chooses on its own, I am sure Lil would play "Cecilia" just to spite me since that is my name and people typically break out into that song when they say my name (not that it is a bad song, but just totally not the Cecilia that I am).

I think I would like Lil to play Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet because it rocks and I want to rock out right now :)

I already follow!

P.S. I gave you an award!

the epic rat said...

Doh, forgot the email: cecpham(at) hope this doesn't disqualify me.

Jo said...

Forgot my email address, sorry!


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Llehn said...

I hope Lil will play "Don't Dream It's Over" by Crowded House because it's one of my favorite songs growing up and I don't ever hear it anymore.

I'm already a follower.


I Heart Monster said...

No worries :o) We all forget sometimes!

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Laina said...

My song would either be Tangled Up In Me by Skye Sweetnam ( or Unpredictable by Skye Sweetnam ( I relate to both of them a lot.

I'm already a follower. :)

I put a link here:

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Katie said...

Something by Chase Coy because the lyrics are amazing!
I'm already a follower.

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babygirlG said...

I would choose Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne because it's such a fun and upbeat song.

I'm already a follower.


silvia_pi said...

I thing I'd choose "I Am" by Hilary Duff.
Why? Because is a song I've loved since the first time I heard it and it can describe me correctly anytime since there are a lot of different abjectives in the song (I don't knnow if I explained well myself :S)
*Now I'm a follower
*Posted in my sidebar


Popin said...

Apologize by One's a sweet song.

~ Popin

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Guest said...

Please enter me in the gibeaway
My song would prbably be Oh Carol by Neal Sedaka.
MY husband got hold of a copy of this years ago and often plays it at unexpected times !

My name is Carol of course !

buddytho{AT} gmail {DOT} com

Mya said...

If I walked in, I'd probably expect Lil to play "Here for the Music" by Paula Abdul, as cheesy as it sounds. lol! ("I'm just here for the music/ I really didn't mean to turn you on!") That refers more to Lil, I suppose =D

I already subscribe to your blog via Bloglines, and there's a link to this contest on my sidebar at

That should do it, I think! Great contest!


Liyana said...

I'm hoping Lil would play Poker Face. It's to remind Daisy that everyone has their poker face on, especially in investigations and... that I can be her sidekick and help her figure them out! Also, cos it's a dance song so she should have let go and have fun sometimes! :D

I'm already a follower. (:


Liyana said...

Oh, I forgot to mention it's Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

Liyana said...

I'm hoping Lil would play Poker Face. It's to remind Daisy that everyone has their poker face on, especially in investigations and... that I can be her sidekick and help her figure them out! Also, cos it's a dance song so she should have let go and have fun sometimes! :D

I'm already a follower. (:


Ella Press said...

I became a follower just now (i'm loving your blog, btw)
If I walked in to Slim's, I think Lil would start playing "Friday I'm in Love" by The Cure. It basically sums up my personality, "Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
Oh, Thursday doesn't even start
It's Friday I'm in love"


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Ella said...

link to my post!

jackie said...

Lil would play untouched by the veronicas because because a person does not like to be touched? lol