Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trixy Trivia, Edition One

I've decided that every time I take a vacation from blogging and am not around to respond to your comments, that you should get something. While I'm gone, you have access to this book-ish trivia quiz. You must answer all questions correctly to be entered into a drawing for a prize. The prize will be different for each time I'm gone, and will be reward you for difficulty. If no one gets the answers all right, then the people who get the most right answers will be entered into a drawing.

You will have until the day I come back to blogging to enter. To enter, copy the questions into an email. Once you've copied them, answer them, and send them to me. Got questions? Just ask.

Date IHM returns: 5/22 (ending)
Prize: 5-pack of IHM Bookmarks, and a $5 Amazon Gift Card (psst. that's $1/question)
Theme: Places

1. In what country did book binding originate?
2. In what city is the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site?
3. What is the name of the cemetary in which Ralph Waldo Emerson is buried?
4. In what country is Beowulf set?
5. What is the modern name of the islands in which Homer's Odyssey takes place?

Good luck!!

1 comment:

Kate said...

1. Book binding originated in India.
2. It is in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania).
3. He is buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord.
4. It is set in Scandinavia.
5. It takes place in the Ionian Islands.
6. You rock :)

Is this open to the UK?

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