Sunday, May 31, 2009

Superman v. Batman... And the *WINNER*

Way back when I started the Enemies & Allies giveaway, I asked you all to enter by leaving a comment with who you like the best, Batman or Superman, and why. Well, ladies and gents, hold onto your boots, imagine that I'm speaking to you over a crackly 1950s radio about the impending showdown...

In the red corner, faster than a speeding bullet, strong enough to rescue a ship full of people, more than just a man, I present to you: SUPERMAN!

In the black corner, stealthier than a B-52, stronger than you, smarter than your average bat, I bring you: BATMAN!

Over the last three weeks they have battled an immense battle of words at the blog I Heart Monster. They've taken blows, and hits, and smacks and POW!s. You've been keeping your eye on them for a while. We want to know who will win the reader poll. Will it be close? Will it be a landslide? The votes are finally in! We'll return after this message with the announcement of the winner.

*This program brought to you by Alka-Seltzer*

All right folks, here we are. It came down to a tally of sixteen to five. Wait, here it is folks!The referee is walking out into the middle of the floor to announce the winner. He's grasping both of the superheroes' hands... I can't take the suspense any longer! It's BATMAN! He raised BATMAN's hand!!! BATMAN has won over the readers of I Heart Monster in a landslide victory! Sixteen to five.

All of you spectators who voted were entered in to win Kevin J. Anderson's new book containing The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel, Enemies & Allies. The Accounting Firm has brought BATMAN the envelope. BATMAN reaches for the microphone...


On behalf of my fans, I'd like to present this novel starring myself and the courageous Superman to...

*he opens the envelope*


It says here that bbx said of me, "Batman! Because he's a human being without super powers. He just is mega-rich and owns supertoys and gadgets :) "

Thank you very much, bbx, for helping me win this contest of popularity among blog readers. It means so very much to me.

With that, bbx, to claim your prize, email I Heart Monster with your mailing address and she will see to the delivery of the novel to your home. I'd stick around and chat with all of you lovely people, but gas prices seem to have gone up drastically and my Batmobile is a guzzler when left to idle. I should talk to Captain Planet about helping me find a more efficient means of transportation.

*whoosh of a cape*
*Batman is gone*

*Superman stands dignified in the corner*
*Superman walks over and picks up the dropped microphone*


Thank you to the five of you who voted for me. I'd beat Batman in a real showdown anyway. I'm off to my Fortress of Solitude to sulk.

*red and blue flash*
*Superman is gone*

Well ladies and gentlemen, we hope you enjoyed tonight's entertainment, and hope you will participate and interact as much as you can at I Heart Monster. We'd like to thank our sponsors one more time before we sign-off...

*someone turned off the radio*

Well, I guess you got sick of that. Sorry, just trying out a little something different to announce the winner, but I know I'm a total dork, so you don't have to tell me. Congrats bbx!!

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