Monday, May 11, 2009

Operative Factors: Author's Den

AuthorsDen, Where Authors & Readers come together!

I discovered this resource while checking out what was going on in the modern short story scene, researching shorts for the feature Minimal Investment. Basically, the site lets you upload your short story or your novel, article, poetry, etc. and allows others to access and read it. Since there is no editing involved, and it is self-publishing at its most basic, there are a lot of stories that don't pass the bar. But, good news is that there are a few that are great! And the site is Blackberry friendly as well. There's a lot of scrolling to begin with, but not a ton.

Registration is free, but not necessary to access content.

What I Heart Monster Wants To Know:
  • Have you heard of AuthorsDen before?
  • Have you ever uploaded anything to AuthorsDen?
  • Have you ever found anything shareworthy on AuthorsDen?
  • Do you think you will check out AuthorsDen?


Storyheart said...

I have been a member of Authors Den for for some years in fact since my first book came out. I upgraded my membership when "Across the Pond" was published. I have used it to upload many of my small romance stories as well.

I have found many interesting items as well as meeting some very helpful people.

I also add a daily blog to there as well as book details, bio, events etc.

There are a few tips to keep your site towards the top of the list, simple things like making a small change to your bio every day keeps it towards the top of members news for instance.


I Heart Monster said...

Ahhh... nice tip! Thanks for all that you added in your comment! I have only experienced it from a reader's perspective. :o)

Storyheart said...

Glad I can help... and looking forward to chatting with you next month.
Saturday I have GreenBean teen Queen as a guest which should be fun, and I have just posted an interview with Steph Bowe from "Hey teenager of the year"
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Kate said...

I've never heard of Author's Den before.

Recent blog post: In The Post #2