Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ink and Paper Interviewed Me!

Hey there! Jo over at Ink and Paper did a blogger interview on me, so if you have a second, please check it out! I feel so honored to have been featured over there.

Jo does rockin' fantasy book reviews and I love her site. I get lots of great tips from her. Also, she does a super cool feature each Friday called Belle's Library where she features magnificent libraries from around the world. I think it's my favorite feature from any book blog. Even if you're not interested in reading about me, check out Ink and Paper!


Jo said...

Aww, thank you so much for saying such lvoely things about my blog, that's so sweet of you! And I'm so glad you like Belle's Library :)

Sorry, I normally email once I've put up an interview so the interviewee knows it's up, but I completely forgot today. A lot's going on, and it just slipped my mind. I'm so sorry!

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I Heart Monster said...

Seriously, no worries! You told me the date that it was going to be up, and I did remember it, so when I saw it on twitter, I went over to check it out. Thanks for featuring me :o) Yay!

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Storyheart said...

great I will get round to sending mine when I have 5minutes to breath 8grin*

It will be there for next week