Sunday, May 31, 2009

Care To Comment?

Monster and I donate to a few charities on a monthly basis, and we donate to a unique one each month that we believe in.  July's charity is going to be Reach Out And Read, a 4-star Charity Navigator Charity.

For every comment IHM gets during the month of June, we're going to throw in an extra nickel for the cause.  It might not sound like a lot, but it only takes 20 comments to equal one dollar...

Some ground rules:

1) Duplicate posts don't count.
2) I ask for one comment per participant in my contests, so multiple comments on contest posts will be disregarded.
3) The comments must be left in June.
4) Replies count.  So if I reply to you, it counts.  If you reply back to me, it counts, and so on.
5) Spammers don't count.
6) I'd really prefer it if you actually said something in the comment... get interactive for the cause!

This starts up at midnight tonight my time, yeah, in less than an hour.  And comments on this post count!!  Ends June 30th 11:59 Arizona time.

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