Friday, April 17, 2009

You're The Expert: Bookmarks

What do you use for a bookmark?
Do you buy bookmarks?
Ever use a dust jacket as a bookmark?
Do you make your own bookmarks?
Use junk mail?
Ticket stubs?
Do you even use a bookmark?

C'mon, you're the expert on you, so tell us!!


I Heart Monster said...

Hey! I love bookmarks. I can't seem to have enough. Yes, I do buy bookmarks and my friends give them to every now and then. Although my favorite bookmarks now are those postcards I get for free from the mall. They're artworks in themselves.

By the way, I'm green with envy that you've bought that Jane Austen zombie book. I'll be waiting for your review!

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I Heart Monster said...

I have several bookmarks, but I tend to mainly use the receipts I get with my orders as bookmarks. Bookmarks are pretty awesome though, they can be quite cute! I'd love to get my hands on a bookmark by Bookwormz.

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I Heart Monster said...

I have a bookmark by Bookwormz! I'm going to post a review of it soon. But I heart it. I really really do. I got one of the one-size-fits-all kinds!

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I Heart Monster said...

Oh I will totally give you a heads up when I am ready to post the review!

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Insertbooktitle said...

I use BookWormz. They are amazing!

Lisa Mantchev said...

I will use just about anything: dust jacket, Post It Note, magazine subscription insert... the irony is that I LOVE real bookmarks, the super-pretty ones with tassels and dingle-dangles hanging off them!

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mcfitzsatx said...

I'm with Lisa on this one. I love pretty and cutesy bookmarks but forget to use them as actual tools. I've had every possible kind of bookmark over the years, including page clips, corner clips, ribbons, beaded, metal and plastic. I even have one that was made from laminating a newspaper obituary. Sticky notes work well because they can even mark your spot on the page (for the anal retentive). I have used dust jackets, as well as tickets, receipts, postcards, recipe cards, business cards, photographs, toilet paper (!) and yes -- junk mail. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

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