Friday, April 24, 2009

Shareworthy: Friday, April 24th [Volume 1, Edition 5]

Welcome to this week's list of links to fun, interesting, educational stuff around the web and the blogosphere! I heart these links, so I deem them Shareworthy:
  • Seth Graham-Smith, author of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies just got a new deal to write a book called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with Grand Central Press. I first heard of this at OCD, rants, and vampires.
  • Sarah Maclean wrote at MacLeanSpace about the Regency Dress Up Doll, which I find totally fun and amusing. She's right, it's a time suck! I'm sharing my latest one with you ------->
  • A Bibliophile's Bookshelf wrote about The Ultimate VampList, a nearly comprehensive listing of vampire books.
  • Barnes & Noble is offering 9 audiobooks for free until May 16th. You have to download them with Barnes & Noble's downloader, but they're free. Add them to your cart and when you check out they are taken from $0.01 to $0.00. Tip: Select Paypal as your payment option, it won't redirect you.
  • Get a Gravatar! Natasha over at Maw Books Blog taught me that if you sign-up for a Gravatar, it'll automatically populate when you go to a site that uses Gravatars. As of yesterday, I Heart Monster's comments use Gravatars too!
  • I was chatting with Chelsea over at the The Page Flipper and she introduced me to Supernatural Summer. I just so happen to be vacaying near a couple of these events, so I'm going to try to make it to one! If you are in Ohio, Illinois, Oregon, or Washington, check out these events in June.
Now, in case you missed something IHM this week, here are some links to some of the fun stuff we featured this week!

Ambitious Edition: Emily Strange: The Lost Days
- check out the video, it's my favorite part!
Emily Strange Blackmail Contest - open until June 2!
Winners of The Girl Who Stopped Swimming - Congrats winners!
Gifts for Moms Who Heart Books - Contest too! Check this out!
Book Inspection: Tantalize - No one has claimed my copy... check out the notes section for details!
IHM is now on Facebook! - Become a fan :o)
Savvy Scribblers: Lisa Mantchev - featuring Lisa's Top 7 Places to Live! (congrats to Jessica for winning the preorder!)
Minimal Investment: Rachel Caine's Falling For Grace - hosted in its entirety here at IHM via a Creative Commons license.

Oh and pssst. If you usually read me on a reader, I've tweaked the site a little. Come over and check it out. Tell me what you think!


Lisa Mantchev said...

Love the Regency one... but check out the STEAMPUNK one!!!

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I Heart Monster said...

Ok, I just spent forever playing around with that! Thanks for sharing it with us Lisa!! (Steampunk chica is way hotter than Regency chica, but I guess that's to be expected)

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