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Savvy Scribblers: Lisa Mantchev

I had the opportunity to interview Lisa Mantchev via email last week. It was a really fun first interview for me! Lisa's novel, Eyes Like Stars, debuts Tuesday, July 7th. Preorder it if you haven't already! If you missed the Book Inspection, please read it! Eyes Like Stars was also a featured Ambitious Edition. Alright, are you ready to meet Lisa?

Name: Lisa Mantchev
Place of Residence: Washington State
College: University of California, Irvine

About Eyes Like Stars:

IHM:How many of your characters had you created in your mind before you decided to write this book?

LM: Beatrice Shakespeare Smith (Bertie) and the four fairies were there from the get-go. EYES LIKE STARS started life as a short story entitled "All Her World's A Stage," and that opening scene of them together was always in place. In the earliest incarnation, though, Bertie was painting her bedroom and not dying her hair.

IHM: Does Bertie have any traits that you had at her age?

LM: I was definitely a sass-mouth, and I loved the theater with a mad passion. I've also been drinking coffee since I was ten... my grandmother told me it would stunt my growth, and I'm just shy of six feet tall, so I imagine I should have been closer to ten!

IHM: Why Cobalt Flame?

LM: That's one phrase that jumped fully formed into my brain... The words don't really go together, but the images of cobalt flames burning all over the floor (once the mess is made by the fairies) wholly appealed to me for its topsy-turvy wordplay.

IHM: In what part of the world is the Theatre?

LM: It's in a city somewhere, along a main thoroughfare, with the stage entrance tucked back into one of those dim-and-promising alleyways.

IHM:Any hints for us about Perchance To Dream?

LM: The original title was "ELS 2: Eyes Starrier!" *G* No wait, come back, seriously, I was kidding! *chases after you* Bertie and the fairies are certainly in the second book, and Bertie learns even more about her past. Almost everything else I could say would be a plot-spoiler for the first book, never mind that we're probably going to do more revisions on PERCHANCE and everything is still subject to change!

About Lisa Mantchev:

IHM: What's the craziest thing you've ever fixed with your 'trusty hot glue gun?'

LM: When my husband and I first started dating, I made him an entire Renaissance Faire costume (tunic, leggings, crown and cape) using my hot glue gun. *blows the end like the smoking barrel of a gun and holsters it.*

IHM: I have to ask because I am planning a trip to Washington State and Olympic National Park this August, what is your favorite hike on the peninsula?

LM: I adore the Hoh Rain Forest, particularly the Hall of Moss Trail, which is a mile and half path that reminds me of Fairy Land.

IHM: Of all of the plays that you have attended, which was your favorite from a patron's perspective?

LM: I saw Beauty and the Beast when I was in college at the Ahmanson Theater, and because I had a friend in the production (playing a Fork!) my friend and I got to go backstage, meet some of the cast, and then climb all over the sets. I love the music from that show, too, especially Gaston's "Me" number. The tattoo on my ankle is the red rose from the movie.

IHM: If you had to pick a book to burn, which would it be?

LM: WAR AND PEACE is nice and fat and would keep me warm (which I assume is the point... I wouldn't be burning books unless there had been some kind of Zombie Apocalypse.)

IHM: What do you want to be when you grow up?

LM: Trick question! *hums "I Won't Grow Up" from Peter Pan.* Everything I want to do, I'm doing as silly-seventeen-year-old-cream-filling-Lis.

Now as a special treat, I present to you:

Lisa Mantchev's Top 7 Places To Live
  1. Neverland
  2. Wonderland (both the Carroll and the Beddor versions)
  3. Disneyland
  4. Green Gables
  5. Late 1800's Paris
  6. Early 1900's London
  7. 1940's Hollywood
Wait, but number one is missing! Guess it correctly, and I'll preorder the book FOR you. First one to guess correctly wins! Open Worldwide (if you win and you're outside the U.S., I'll preorder it to my address and then ship it to you)

Congratulations to Jessica from Book Reviews by Jess! She correctly guessed Neverland, and I have preordered Eyes Like Stars for her.


Jessica Kennedy said...

Where do we put our guesses? In comments?!

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Jessica Kennedy said...

Ok, my guess is:


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I Heart Monster said...

Right! Jessica wins!

Jo said...

Great interview!
My guess is... Fairy Land?

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Jo said...

Oh damn me for not refreshing the page and seeing someone had won! 8-)

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I Heart Monster said...

It's ok Jo!!!

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Jessica Kennedy said...

Ha! No way!? That's awesome!

I was wondering if that's what it would be. Lisa had so many other "lands" going on and then the comment about not wanting to "grow up" kinda gave it away!

I <3 Lisa and this book was amazing.

I plan to put this book in a shadow box and hang it in my bedroom. It will match the room color perfectly. I might just add some more stuff to make it better match....some fairies hanging....maybe a theatre curtain around the bed, some spot lights.

Man! I'm loving this idea!

Psst, do NOT tell hubby!

Thanks for the great contest and I loved the interview! Thanks to Lisa for Twittering about it too!

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