Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Terms: f-a-t-i-d-i-c, fatidic

fatidic \fuh-TID-ik\, adjective:
Of, relating to, or characterized by prophecy; prophetic.

Throughout his very considerable body of work, there is an obsession with time, with dates, with temporal coincidences, with the fatidic power of numbers over our birth and death.
-- James Kirkup, "Obituary: Ernst Junger", Independent, February 18, 1998

With a fatidic clarity that comes only occasionally and only to the young, she understood that . . . this too was a sign, an omen.
-- Kathleen Cambor, In Sunlight, in a Beautiful Garden


**psst... sorry for the lack of And They're Off yesterday, I'm sick with a fever and I really didn't feel like fighting with the internet!!


Rhonda Stapleton said...

Hey, thanks for the new wrinkle in my brain! I love learning words... :D

I Heart Monster said...

Any time ;o)