Thursday, April 30, 2009

Minimal Investment: The Hermit's House

Today, I'm sharing a podcast of The Hermit's House with you for this week's Minimal Investment.  Click the title to begin playing the story.

As Told By: S. E. Schlosser
Run Time: 6min 32sec

Things to note if you're not familiar with American history:
  • Iroquois are Native Americans who historically inhabited what we now call Vermont and upstate New York.
  • Mocassins are footwear.
  • Iroquois were known for being fierce warriors.
What I Heart Monster Wants To Know:
  • Did you find the story interesting?
  • Did you find it scary?
  • Had you ever heard the story before?
  • Would life be different for you if you were a member of the tribe after this incident? How?
  • Did you like the podcast format of this week's Minimal Investment?

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