Sunday, April 19, 2009

Limerick Mini Challenge & Status Update

I Heart Monster is way way tired.
She wishes she could just be wired!
So she could be profound and clever;
To write some more than "Whatever!"
But she is anything but inspired.

Status Update:

I quit journaling times because I started moving around too much!!

I've successfully overcome a couple waves of sleepiness and am still awake. I'm ditching Marked though. I gave it 150 pages. It gets No Love from me, and I'll be sure to tell you why in the Book Inspection. I won't be giving the second one, Betrayal even one chance. Keep your eyes out next week for the Inspection and I'll probably give away my copies when I post it.

I'm moving on to Nobody's Princess. Wish me luck! I've been switching locations each chapter. Hee hee.


Peta (The Bookling) said...

A great effort at a limerick and I hope you enopy Princess Ben.

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Infogoddess said...

glad to see someone else is hanging in there with enough brain cells to try and write some poetry - we coming down to the wire now

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I Heart Monster said...

Thanks yo!

Recent blog post: Limerick Mini Challenge & Status Update

I Heart Monster said...

I screwed up - Princess Ben hasn't come yet, I'm into Nobody's Princess right now. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm so tired I don't even know the title of the book I'm reading, ha.

Recent blog post: Limerick Mini Challenge & Status Update

Erotic horizon said...

I think all of us are bushed at this time..


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Dreamybee said...

I'd say that was plenty inspired! Good job hanging in there this long. :)

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I Heart Monster said...

gawsh, I hope so ;o) If we're not, I'm not sure we're human. Ha.

Recent blog post: Limerick Mini Challenge & Status Update

I Heart Monster said...

Thank you :o)

Recent blog post: Limerick Mini Challenge & Status Update

Trish said...

Your limerick rocks! Mine makes absolutely no sense, but I could only think of two words that rhyme with Trish :) and I botched the rhyming on one of them.

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Care said...

BEST OF LUCk on this new to you book! great job on the limerick... CHEERS

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blodeuedd said...

Doing great :D
So close to the end now