Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Letter to Hayley from Pretty Face by Mary Hogan

Dear Hayley,

While reading about your fabulous adventures in Italy in Pretty Face, I came to a conclusion. You and I need to start a Moms Who Care Too Much Support Group for the daughters of moms who push their daughters so that they can be their very best. I can relate to your situation completely. We're both lucky in that our mothers realized what they were doing and gave us an out. Because of this commonality, I think we are uniquely qualified to host this group and give other young women who struggle with over-protective and/or smothering parents a place to vent and let it all out.

Heck, maybe our moms can get together and form a support group for the girls' moms and teach them how to finally let go. I mean, they've definitely been there, right? And then our groups could get together and have bi-monthly co-support-group meeting where we address the issues publicly. I'm pretty sure that is how group therapy is supposed to flow.

I realize that lack of proximity may present a challenge, but I am willing to drive to Santa Monica once a month if you feel like you have a place that I might be able to stay with you. I guess it doesn't hurt that you only like 5 blocks from the beach, but I assure you this will be a purely professional relationship and that I will not spend the time we're supposed to be helping suffocating teens at the beach. I swear.

As far as names for our group go, I was thinking maybe we could call it Breathing, or Free Breath, or something along those lines. If this feels like something that you'd like to pursue, please email or call me and we'll hash out the details and get this support group started up so that we can help girls who are becoming asphyxiated by their parents free themselves.


I Heart Monster
Thank you to Flight of Fantasy for this challenge!!

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Shannon said...

LOL. I love the idea of a support group getting together for monthly meetings on the beach, even though, as far as that goes, my mom was pretty awesome and not overprotective and I don't have kids of my own. Thanks for stopping by to participate in this challenge!