Saturday, April 18, 2009

Creativity Challenge: Haiku

My creative juices are not flowing in the way of actual hands-involved craftiness. I tried. I tried to shape my bread into a vampire and a scale, but I failed miserably. Then I decided I'd try sewing and realized it'd just take too much time!! So I resolved myself to write my least favorite type of poetry, haiku. Why would I do that? I'm trying to wake myself up. I almost fell asleep before I finished Pretty Face, and Wicked Lovely did the trick. I caught myself just in time! Book titles are title of my haiku (haikus?).

Dear Kieren, my love,
tested by Brad Sanguini
will prevail for you.

Keenan hearts Aislinn
Aislinn sees Keenan true
I haven't finished.

I ain't fat I'm curvy.
Stupid American boys!
Bella faccia.

More Status Updates:
6:47 Finish Pretty Face. Try Wicked Lovely again.
7:03 Get 10 pages in Wicked Lovely, decide it's putting me to sleep. I'm starting The Elite by Jennifer Banash.
7:05 HELP!!! I'm falling asleep! But I had a goal to read until 7:45. I guess I didn't make that goal. Need distraction, rejuvination. Going to check out new challenge.
7:09pm Decide I'm going to start Cheerleading a bit. Reading some people's blogs, commenting, etc. while I brainstorm for Creativity Challenge
7:25pm Pop some bread in the toaster oven to bake. Not reading again yet. Need to wake up. Maybe cookies.

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Care said...

Great haikus! and congrats on winning!! CHEERS!

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