Sunday, April 5, 2009

Audiobook Spotlight: Deathworld by Harry Harrison

You remember Soylent Green, right? Even those of us who aren't old enough to have seen it when it was first released know the concept. *Describe your concept of Soylent Green in three words or less inthe comments section, it could be fun!* Did you know that the book that Soylent Green was based on was called Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison? I didn't until today. I was scoping out an audiobook to listen to while I am cleaning house, doing the gym weights thing (I so totally need music for the cardio), and driving around town when low and behold, Librivox announces it's release of Deathworld by Harry Harrison.

Deathworld seems a little on the sci-fi side about hostile colonists of another planet and has three, count them, three volumes in English. The rest are in Russian. Go figure.

So, I'll be listening to 28 chapters of Deathworld this week as read by Greg Margarite, a Librivox volunteer. Visit Librivox to download your very own free copy of this audiobook. I explained Librivox in an earlier Operative Factors post, so if you aren't familiar with the site, check it out.

And for those of you who don't know Soylent Green, check out this trailer:


I Heart Monster said...

Soylent Green= Ew.

Anonymous said...

great blog, I love to read