Thursday, March 26, 2009

Minimal Investment: Short Stories - The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

There are a lot of times I wish I had 30 minutes or less of reading so that I could finish a story quickly. Minimal Investment is a series of posts dedicated to short stories that can be read in less than 30 minutes. Why? I'll tell you why:
  1. Doctor's office waiting rooms.
  2. Riding the bike at the gym.
  3. Carpools!
  4. Waiting for friends to meet up.
  5. Road trips.
  6. Family functions
In these situations, and what I'm sure could be gazillions more, it's nice to be able to put in a minimal amount of time and still reap the rewards of a story.

Every week, I'll post the link of a Blackberry friendly short story. Why Blackberry friendly? It seems to me that Blackberries are the least versatile smartphone web browsers, so if it works on Blackberry, it should work on iPhone. (plus I Heart Monster hearts her Curve) Of course you can always print it out, but if you can link to it on your mobile phone, you might save a tree. is, by the way, Blackberry-friendly.

This week's Minimal Investment selection is an American classic, The Lottery by Shirley Jackson.

Word Count: 3773
Original Publish Date: June 26, 1948
First Appeared In: The New Yorker

If you would rather listen to the story, there are a couple of options. First up, the NBC radio adaptation that aired March 14, 1951. The audio is old, but dramatized and there is an ad from the Marine Corps at the beginning, but I find it charming and nostalgic. Click here to launch. Second, but not Blackberry friendly, you can listen to it in two parts, courtesy of Internet Multicasting Service, as read by actress Maureen Stapleton. Part I. Part II.

What are your reactions? Thoughts? I'd like to hear them.


Laina said...

Hey!! Thanks for the comment on my chatbox, and of course you can link back to me, as much as you want!!! :)

vampi said...

i always hated this short. i guess i don't like being reminded of humanities failings and cruelty when i read. i remember i didn't get a good grade in english when we read this because i believe i was mouthy in my dislike.

i do like the concept of sort stories. i read all the time. great idea.

I Heart Monster said...

Hey vampi! I totally get why you don't like being reminded of humanity's failings. It can be disconcerting to think that people will continue a tradition just for the sake of tradition, and not consider the ramifications of their actions, which is precisely what happens in The Lottery. ugh. Thanks for the comment!

Randy and Dionne Sillik said...

Hey Shesten. I love your blog design and I love the idea of short stories. I miss being able to read since medical books and journals have overtaken my life. When I have time this weekend, I will come back to this site and look more closely at your posts.

I Heart Monster said...

Hey Dionne! Minimal Investments will be a weekly post... every Thursday :o) I hope you enjoy them! Thank you for visiting.