Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Book Faction: An Introduction

Welcome to Book Faction. Book club sounds boring, so I'm going with Book Faction. You don' t have to join to be a member of this faction... you merely need to read my blog enough to keep up. You don't have to read every book the faction does, because there is no on-the-spot aspect of meeting physically with a group at a certain time each month/week. You can read at your pace and comment when appropriate.

Here's how it works. One month before we start reading, I will post the next book. My biggest pet peeve with these types of book clubs in the past has been that I don't have enough time to order the book before we start reading and then I'm so far behind I give up the social aspect of it. Or if I tried to get the book at the library, it would be checked out and I wouldn't have enough time to get on the waiting list.

I will post questions and reflections to sections of the book and you will post answers and reactions to those sections. We can generate a pretty good dialogue using the Comments section of each post. C'mon it'll be fun. In each sectional post, I'll also outline what has happened so far so that no one forgets and spoils it on accident.You can read ahead if you like, but there will be no spoilers for anyone who hasn't read ahead. Please be careful not to spoil it for anyone.

So, keep your eyes open for a post on April 1st telling you what book we will start reading May 1st. While you're at it, go ahead and send me suggestions for books to read in this post, or in other posts, or by emailing iheartmonster@iheartmonster.com and vote for June's book in the sidebar!


Jodie said...

Hiya this sounds like a fun idea and your blog seems to be off to a good start (minor point it's a little hard to read the text with your colour combo). I tried to vote in your poll but it doesn't seem to have accepted my vote (Graceling).

I Heart Monster said...

Hi Jodie! Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it! I'll mess with the colors to see what I can come up with to make it a little easier to read. Maybe a lighter shade of gray? I'll record your vote for Graceling and figure out what's up with the poll. Thanks for the heads up!