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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

About I Heart Monster

Books for I Heart Monster: Accepting (review dates in October)
Books for Monster: Not Accepting
Audiobooks for I Heart Monster: Accepting
Audiobooks for Monster: Accepting
Blog Tour Participation Requests: Accepting
Products & Services: Accepting
Interview Requests: Accepting
Giveaway Host Requests: Accepting
Article/Short Story Requests: Accepting

All About I Heart Monster:
  • I am a female, married, in my late-twenties, a native Arizonan, and the primary contributor to this blog.
  • I am an avid domestic traveler, usually taking at least one trip out of state per month.
  • I am outdoorsy. Monster and I have a goal to hike in all 50 states over the next ten years.
  • I don't want to read anything that is vulgar. I'm not a prude, but please don't ask me to read excessive explicit language or sex scenes; I won't like it, even if I like the basic premise.
  • My genres are: YA, Paranormal Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Non-Fiction (only related to YA topics or Travel), Light Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Chick Lit, Graphic Novels, Comics.
All About Monster:
  • Monster is my hubbie who also does the occasional review here at IHM.
  • Monster hearts Fantasy lit.
  • He is in the age range of 25-35.
  • He is a native Wyoming boy, and he resides and works in his native state (yes, we live in different states but are happily married. it's temporary *fingers crossed*)
  • Monster hearts growing orchids, bromeliads, and carnivorous plants, primitive bow-making, hiking, and fly fishing, and would happily review non-fiction titles pertaining to those subjects.
  1. We do not sell ARC copies, and do giveaways only with permission.
  2. We do not review ebooks or .pdfs.
  3. We strive to publish reviews in the timeframe requested.  
  4. Accepting a review copy from you that does not guarantee a review, but we strive to post reviews on all requests.
  5. We post honest reviews. If we do not like a book that we've been provided for review, we will email the provider to let them know that we did not like it, and are happy to provide feedback. We will give the provider the option of whether or not they'd like us to publish a negative review.  
  6. We love author interviews, but need to read your book before we can conduct one. (check out all of the Savvy Scribblers posts to see my interview style)  If you are a debut author, we'd love to do a Debut Interview with you, and though we'd probably love to read your book, we don't require it to do this type of interview. 
  7. We are happy to consider articles and short stories as guest posts. 
  8. We are happy to accommodate posting date requests as best our schedule allows.  We want to help you as much as possible!
Contact Information:
  • contact me by emailing me: emailcover.com - hide your email address
  • via Google Voice (authors/publishers/fellow bloggers only please):

Privacy Policy:
  • Your email address is for my eyes only unless you post it in a public space.
  • If you email me, I will not share or harvest your email address.
  • If you win a giveaway, and send me your physcial address, I do not share it with anyone, and I do not keep it on file or in any database.
  • Surveys and polls do not collect or keep your personal information.
  • If you have any concerns about your privacy by visiting my site, please contact me immediately and I will do whatever I can to address your concern or remedy a situation.
Stats (for Publishers/Publicists):
  • Between Google Followers and RSS Subscribers, we currently have just over 2200 subscribers.
  • April 2010 Web Stats (4/1-4/30) Page Loads: 10666   Unique Visitors: 6103  Returning Visitors: 1860 
  • April 2010 Feed Stats (4/1 - 4/30)  Reader Views: 11345  (102 items) Clicks to Site: 2076 (99 items)
  •       (this counter has been super off lately, if it's showing below 800, it's off today)

We have considered hosting advertising on this blog, but are anxious regarding how to ensure the advertisements are relevant to our subscribers and readers. We don't want to spam our readership with things they don't want to read. For that reason, we are accepting requests for giveaway sponsorship as a means of advertising. You cover the cost of the product we giveaway and worldwide shipping. In return, we advertise you as the sponsor of the giveaway in the post, tweets, and all subsequent communication, and we give extra entries to the contest for those entrants who interact with your company on Facebook/Twitter, or in other ways that benefit your company. If your company is interested in advertising this way, please contact us via email to start a conversation about the process.  (typical cost of a book from bookdepo.com with free worldwide shipping is under $20, so this is a very affordable way to advertise.  If the winner is a person not in a country on the list of free shipping from The Book Depository, check Amazon prices for a book and add about $10 for worldwide shipping... which will be less if it's in the US or Canada)

For the Media:

Style Guide
Name: This blog is titled "I Heart Monster."  The tagline, "A Bookish Blog" is meant only for clarification purposes.  When referring to this blog in public, please use "I Heart Monster."
Contributors:  The contributors to this blog are: primary: I Heart Monster; secondary: Monster;  Though you may know our legal, irl names, please do not use them in public.  We have assumed aliases for identity protection's sake since our real names are very uncommon.  Pictures displayed in bylines are recent photographs of the contributor associated with the article. These are real and are displayed to lessen anonymity.
Linking: When linking to I Heart Monster, please link the text "I Heart Monster," "bookish blog," "young adult book blog," or "young adult book reviews."  Terms are listed in preferred order of linking term.

Content Usage
Please feel free to quote, link to, or build off of any content that we post here via a Creative Commons Attribution License.  We would appreciate an email letting us know you've linked to us or used part of one of our inspections/articles, but it is not necessary.  This blog and its content are copyrighted, so reposting of entire articles is forbidden without express permission.

Photo Credits/Rights
Anyone who wants to use pictures from our site is more than welcome to use them, as long as you do not alter them first. There is no need to email for permission.  We reserve all rights to logos and photos, but gladly allow you to use them as long as you do not do so for commercial purposes.  You may also use screenshots and original art from the blog.  If you need a different size, or different piece of art, please feel free to email us and we will send it to you as soon as we are available to do so.  Due to our busy travel schedule, it may take a few days for us to get back to you, so please plan accordingly.  For your convenience, you may click the art below and save the files if you need something in a hurry.

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